Contact lens multipurpose solution - All in One Light® and other brand variants of this product (follow instructions to check if your brand variant of this product is affected)

60ml bottle configuration; single lot 162046

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Contact lens manufacturer, CooperVision, is conducting a voluntary recall of a single lot (162046) of its All in One Light® multipurpose contact lens solution (and other brand variants of this product). This recall applies to the 60ml bottle configuration only.

Routine quality testing is performed on retained samples. For the affected lot, sterility test results conducted on some of the retained samples failed to meet criteria at the 12-month time interval. Although no complaints have been received for the affected lot and there have been no adverse events, this action is taken out of an abundance of caution. No other lots of All in One Light® are impacted by this action.


This website will provide you with information on what to do next and how to be reimbursed for your 60ml solution (if you purchased the product). Please have your bottle to hand.

Consumers who may have affected product in their possession should take the following steps:

  1. Insert your product lot number below to verify if your product is affected – you’ll find this on the reverse and at the bottom of the bottle (see image).

  2. If the product is affected, please stop using the product.

  3. Click on ‘Next Step’ to register your product.

  4. After following all instructions, discard the affected product through waste-water systems and recycle the primary packaging through your normal household recycling process.

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Contact lens multipurpose solution

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For more information on the recall, for assistance with registration or for any further enquiry, consumers should contact Sedgwick (the partner-organisation conducting this product recall on behalf of CooperVision) by clicking here.


Consumers should also contact their eye care professional/retailer if they have any questions relating to eye care.